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Experiencing Global Potential

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Rebuild and Acquisition Projects

Lack of Land Supply has been a critical problem for Hong Kong Land Development. To expand land supply,  Building Rebuild and Acquisition Projects have been Hot Topics for many years already.
Our Real Estate Investment Team has more than 10 years of experience in Rebuild and Acquisition Projects. With a well-established connection with more than 1,000 property agents in Hong Kong, the Team has successfully completed various Rebuild and Acquisition Projects with an outstanding performance.

Global Real Estate Investment

Our Real Estate Investment Team will actively seek quality investment projects globally. In recent years, we actively invest in developed counties such as Japan, England, Canada, etc. We are also exposing potential in other developing countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia. Since we have connections with various property developers all over the world, we will continuously expand our investment scope to ensure the diversification of our clients funding.

Inside Business
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Property Developers

Our Real Estate Investment Team maintains a good relationship with major property developers in Hong Kong. Through the partnership and corporation with those major property developers, we are able to ensure the investment quality and diversify the risk wisely.

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